Be advised NC requires an 8 hour class plus shooting proficiency, instructors and students knowingly not following these standards are subject to legal action by the state of North Carolina.....

*The "Carry Concealed Handgun Law" 
*The Provisions Under NC Common Law In Which the Use of Deadly Force Would Be Justified
*Legal Issues
*Handgun Safety
*Handgun Fundamentals
*Handgun Parts & Function
*Marksmanship Fundamentals
*Carry Concealed Safety Issues
*Presentation Techniques (drawing your handgun)
*Cleaning and Maintenance
*Ammunition Types
*Proficiency Test:
Shooting is done from the 3, 5 and 7 yard lines

*Students are required to pass a written examination on the CCH Laws & Provisions on NC Common Law dealing with deadly force. Students are required to fire and pass a handgun proficiency course of fire.

North Carolina Resiprocity Law: